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Challenges in the vanilla market and our goal

The world of vanilla has to deal with 3 main problems: quality, high prices and reliability of supply. We provide all 3 solutions for B2B (Business to Business),

Being vertically integrated enable us full control from production to distribution. Our production branch based in Madagascar monitors the  growing, harvesting and curing (preparation of our vanilla). Once our vanilla is cured to perfection, our stock is shipped to our warehouse in the UK and the Netherlands, where our sales and management branch is based.

Our goal is to provide a reliable platform for a steady supply of quality vanilla at competitive prices all year.

We work closely with the farmers. 

Our short term plans:

  • Looking after the safety and well being of the farmers.

  • Making sure the farmer are not being under paid.

  • The family of the farmers have access to food during off season.

Our long term plans are to build schools in Madagascar for the children of the farmers and people working in the vanilla industry.

We educate companies about the hard work as well as the dangers that farmers are exposed to, by providing amazing vanilla pods.

Our vision is to make sure all parties involved in the Vanilla industry from start to finish are treated fairly, are educated properly and benefit from each other.


Curing & Preparing of the green pods

After the harvest of the green pods, our production department is responsible for calibrating and curing the pods. We aim to meet the moisture level required for each type of pods (red, black TK, extraction grades).  

We are responsible for the grinding of our own powders (Grade A & B) as well as collecting and preparing our impeccable vanilla seeds as well as caviar seeds.

No agent or resellers fee 
We trade and do business directly with our clients through our sales and management team in the UK and the Netherlands. Avoiding third parties or agents which can lead to price inflation.

UK/EU Warehouse, stable price & contracted supply 

We are able to offer a stable price through contracted orders to suit your needs. We also offer spot sales (depending on availability), premium memberships and special orders. 

Eco Certified, COA, BRC & other documentation

No use of chemicals, our facilities in Madagascar are inspected regularly for hygiene, chemical use, packaging and storage to make sure our vanilla products are at the highest standard.  We provide a copy of phytosanitary and certificate of origin as standard.   Upon request, we can additionally provide various certificates of analysis such as total plate count, salmonella, mould etc per batch to confirm that our vanilla meets the industry standards.

BRC Packaging available for our vanilla upon request.

All our flavours, extracts and pastes from Foodie Flavours and HE Stringer are BRC 7 Stars, soil association and halal accredited/approved.

Flavours, Extracts and more

Our partners HE Stringer flavours and Foodie Flavours are among the best in the flavour and food industry.  With more than 50 years of expertise, our partners strive in offering the best extracts and flavours for the food industry.  We work very closely with our partners who strive to bring new flavours, new extraction methods and new products to the food and drink industry. We offer various folds, liquid and powder form as well as fat or water soluble. Our partners are 7 stars BRC accredited as well as Soil association and Halal certified. We do offer retail and wholesale sizes. 

Natural spices
We offer a limited amount of natural spices depending on the season. We will be offering Saffron very soon.


Area of operations

We operate worldwide.

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