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Our Production department in Madagascar is responsible for curing and preparing the vanilla pods  to meet various moisture and vanillin levels. We tailor order for pods including short pods only, long pods only, mix of either.

We grind our own vanilla powder using the best pods whatever the grade to maximise aroma. We also offer heat treated powder upon request.

Our seeds are prepared to the highest standard, we are one of few companies that can offer vanilla caviar seeds and exhausted seeds. 

We have a range of vanilla pastes, vanilla flavours and vanilla extracts. All our products are egg free, sugar free, nut free, dairy free, suitable for vegan and vegetarians.

We take pride in offering excellent and immaculate quality for each and every order.

We only supply premium and the best quality of vanilla.

Yearly vanilla production: 50 Metric Tons 


Black Gourmet Non Split, Red TK, Black TK 

Grade A

Premium grade A Extraction pods  

Impeccable and rich in flavour gathered from split pods

High strength Flavour, Extract and paste 

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