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We offer an wide range of vanilla flavour, extracts and paste manufactured to BRC standard through our partners Foodie Flavours and HE Stringer Ltd. 

Our Flavours, Paste and Extracts are:

  • High strength (industrial strength)

  • Egg free, dairy free, nut free, sugar free

  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarians

  • Full MSDS available 

  • All flavours and extracts are available in liquid or powder form

  • Tailor made request 

  • Specs matching

  • Bulk size from 1 litre to multiple Tons

  • Private label available

  • BRC Accredited

  • Soil association accredited

Vanilla Flavours

Vanilla flavour.jpg

Our porfolio contains an extensive list of vanilla flavours. From bourbon, to natural, organic, to stronger flavours. We can offer numerous type of exquisite vanilla flavours for your needs. We also offer tailored vanilla flavours.

Vanilla Paste:  

We have several types of vanilla paste:

  • Organic vanilla paste with seeds

  • Natural vanilla paste with seeds

  • Organic vanilla paste without seeds

  • Natural vanilla paste without seeds

We also offer tailor made vanilla paste upon supply of your specifications

Vanilla Extracts

Vanilla-wonf-200ml extract.jpg

We offer a wide variety of vanilla extracts.

  • natural or organic

  • with or without seeds

  • 1 fold to 3 folds

  • normal strength or extra strong

  • Matching of your existing extract

  • Continuous supply

  • Bulk discount


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