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Vanilla consultancy

We offer vanilla consultancy, know when to buy, what to buy, new trends, new products, which products suit your needs, what to look for, price forecast, etc.  Whatever the vanilla problem, we offer a solution.


Vanilla Contract supply

Worried about having enough vanilla for your business? We offer contract sales and supply quarterly, biannual or yearly contracts which will guarantee supply at a stable price.


Extract Manufacturing

We partner with HE Stringer and Foodie Flavours, manufacturers of creative and cost-effective flavourings, extracts and aromas, with a fast flexible service for food manufacturers world-wide.

Manufacturing expertise includes:
- Sweet or savoury.
- Natural and certified organic specialities.
- Liquids or powders.
- Extraction, distillation, reaction and compounding.
- Customisation.
- Contract manufacturing.
- Flexible batch sizes.
- Fast response.


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