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Rich flavours give your bakery, confectionary, ice-cream and dairy that yum factor. Rich, creamy and brown yet in perfect balance that harmonises and complements the internal balance of your product. Whether it's served cold or hot straight from the oven, these flavours will deliver full aroma and expectation through to the last bite.

Don't forget this is only a selection of our flavours - please contact us for more flavours

Butterscotch (liquid)

Butterscotch Natural (Liquid)

Caramel (Liquid) (various)

Caramel Dark (liquid)

Chocolate (liquid)

Cream  (liquid and powder)

Maple (liquid)

Toffee (liquid)

Toffee Natural (liquid)

Vanilla (liquid) (various)

Vanilla Cream (liquid)

Vanilla Extract (liquid) (various)

Vanilla French (liquid)

Vanilla Natural (liquid) (various)

Vanilla Particulate (powder)

Vanilla Powder (powder)

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