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Get your meals ready and savour our range of Savoury Flavours. BBQ - savoury and meaty, slightly smokey. Chicken - roast white meat, juicy and sweet. Lamb - roasted meat with fatty notes. Select from our range of savoury flavourings for soups, stocks and spice blends or ready meals.

Don't forget this is only a selection of our flavours - please contact us for more flavours.

Apple spicy (powder)

Barbeque (liquid)

Beef (Powder and Liquid) (various type)

Bird Eye Chilli Extract (liquid) (various type)

Bread (powder)

Butter (liquid and powder)

Cheese (powder)

Cheese Blue (powder)

Cheese Gruyere (powder)

Cheese Mature Cheddar (powder)

Cheese Parmesan (powder)

Chicken (powder and liquid) (various type)

Chilli (powder)

Cranberry (liquid and powder)

Cream (powder)

Fat (powder)

Gammon/Ham (liquid and powder) (various)

Garlic (powder)

Ginger Extract (liquid) (various)

Green Tea (liquid) (various)

Green Tea Matcha Extract (liquid)

Grill (liquid and powder) (various)

Hickory (liquid and powder) (various)

Honey Aroma (liquid)

Hot Ginger (liquid) (various)

Lamb (powder)

Leek (powder)

Lime Natural (liquid)

Malt Natural (liquid)

Maple (liquid)

Meat Enhancer (powder)

Mesquite (liquid)

Milk Fresh (powder)

Mushroom (powder)

Onion (powder) (various)

Orange (powder)

Orange Natural (liquid)

Oxtail (powder)

Pomegranate Natural (Powder)

Pork (powder)

Potato (powder)

Read Pepper (powder)

Rhubarb Natural (Liquid)

Roast (powder)

Roast Meat (liquid)

Rosemary & Thyme (liquid)

Smoke (liquid and powder) (various)

Sweetcorn (liquid)

Tomato (powder)

Tomato & Herb (powder)

Worcestershire Sauce Natural (powder)

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