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Our Superfruits don't claim to do anything except to taste exactly like the best quality, freshest, most natural fruit flavour and aroma every time. Giving your confectionary, bakery, ice and dairy products a natural high and excite the taste-buds with zest and zing.

Don't forget this is only a selection of our flavours - please contact us for more flavours.

Blueberry (liquid)

Blueberry Natural (liquid)

Cranberry Natural (liquid and powder)

Pomegranate Natural (liquid and powder)

Guava (liquid)

Mango (liquid)

Mango Emulsion (liquid)

Passion Fruit (liquid) (various)

Peach (liquid) (various)

Peach Natural (liquid)

Pineapple Emulsion (liquid)

Pineapple Canned (liquid)

Pineapple Fresh (liquid)

Watermelon (liquid)

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